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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

10 Amazing Pokemon Gift Ideas

It has been a hot second since the most anticipated augmented reality game, Pokemon Go came out and it has tremendously changed the way of how we live. Tremendous? Yes. Couch potato breaking a sweat is the obvious sign. Jokes aside, creative people all around the world has come out with stunning piece of work and sell it online. Here is 10 Amazing Pokemon Gift Ideas handpicked by us.

1. Cute Pokemon Eevolution Sprite using Hama bead by GeekGirlWorkshop

Pokemon Eevolution Hama Bead

2. Cool Pokeball Coaster Set by Happy Piranha

Pokemon Pokeball Coaster

 3. Mysterious Gengar Cookie Cutter by Smiltroy 

Pokemon Gengar Cookie Cutter 

4. Fashionable Pokemon Bucket Hat by BIOWORLD

Pokemon Bucket Hat

5. Pokemon Team Trainer Hat (Cosplay Costume) by PopCrew

Pokemon Trainer Cap


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